Thanksgiving Fried Turkey

I just love Thanksgiving. It's that special time of year when I know the entire family gets some time to relax and celebrate all the blessings that's been bestowed on the Lemond-Martin family. One of our traditional dishes along with gumbo, crawfish etoufee and my daughter Lizzy's cranberry sauce is Creole Fried Turkey.

I first made this dish about 20 years ago living in Monoe, Louisiana with one my best friends Antoine Harris, who is a native of Lafayette just down the street from Opelousas where my grandmother and grandfather was born.  The variations of how this dish is made runs the gamut but there a few things to keep in mind if you want to try my version.

Safety first. We have commercial fryers but you should always cook your turkey outdoors with eye protection, heat resistant gloves and long sleeve jacket. Use a larger pot than normal. We prefer a 40 gallon to cook the turkey. Heat oil to 350 degrees, you can use vegetable or peanut oil and make sure turkey has has had a chance to thaw out completely so you don't add extra water or ice crystals to the oil pot. Perfect size turkey is 12-14 lb, it will be done in 30-35 minutes. Inject turkey with about 12 oz of the marindade mixture below, shake on the Creole dry rub seasoning and get to cooking. Hope you enjoy this wonderful dish, remember be safe and enjoy this awesome dish.


Creole Seasoning  

1 cup salt

8 oz paprika  

4 oz black pepper  

2 oz granulated garlic

1 oz dry tyme

1 oz dry basil

.25 oz cayenne

Mix all ingredients and reserve. 

For marinade injection mix 1 cup of Creole seasoning with 1 cup red wine vinegar, 3 cups oil and 1 cup of water in a blender. Inject all parts of the turkey. Make sure turkey is dry from marinade before seasoning with Creole dry rub. 


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Reginald Martin